What are the Ideal Traits You Should Look For in a Travel Companion?

Traveling solo might seem an easier and comfortable option, but it isn’t. It seems that you have all the freedom and independence to do things, to make impromptu changes in your travel plan, and to try out varied things. But traveling solo isn’t always that easy. 

Having a travel partner allows you to have company during your journey. You have someone to enjoy with and depend on. It saves you from boredom or the feeling of loneliness. The travel experience becomes fulfilling and more enjoyable when done with a person. 

Sometimes you may take payday loans for unemployed from direct lenders for your travel trips. Having a companion would help in sharing the budget and saving some on loan during the travel. 

Since you would be spending the time and doing the journey together, it is important to choose the right companion. When you have planned so much for your trip, you would not want to mess up anything. 

Choosing a person whose tastes or preferences don’t match or a whiny and fussy traveler can ruin the trip for you.  

What to look for in selecting the right travel partner

Let us discuss a few traits or characteristics you should be looking for while choosing the right companion for your travel trip.

  • A Good to Go Attitude

Would you spend the holidays with someone who has a sour or sulky attitude? A very fussy person and particular about things often complains about trivial things like drinks, food, loud music, etc. 

With such a person, you would find yourself either cheering that person or persuading them for things you want to do rather than enjoying the trip yourself. 

There could be many off-the-plan incidents in any travel plan, such as late trains, changes in reservations, changing the itinerary, etc. 

If your travel companion isn’t the one with the right attitude, you will remain on the complaining front about everything. This will make you sullen and sad too about the situation. 

An easy-going person will make even the little bumps in the trip much more pleasant. You can easily cover them in a stride. 

You should try to travel with a person who carries an adventurous spirit. Such a person will always suggest and create some unexpected experiences, which will make the ever-cherished memories for you and the trip. 

  • No Need for Baby-sitting

When you are on a travel trip, you are going to spend most of the time with your companion. You are likely with them most of the hours of the day. Hence it is even important to find a person who doesn’t need taking care of.

 One who can manage things on its own. One who is confident enough to go on for a few days even without you. 

Such a person will also let you have a break from company and enjoy some alone time, silently and peacefully. 

  • A photographer is a must

These days of social media presence, clicking a good picture and posting is a must. You need someone as a companion who can click great pictures of you during the trip. Maybe you are on top of the mountain, swimming in the river, or clicking your portrait with the perfect sunset behind, etc. 

He or she should be someone who understands a bit about clicking the right frame, right angle, and taking advantage of natural light to enhance the picture. 

Someone who can not only click pictures but can suggest some creative ways to capture the moments is an add-on. 

  • Having a good sense of direction

While travelling, often you are required to navigate through places, especially if it’s a mountain or forest (not a city). 

Especially for such less populated places, a person with a good sense of direction or navigation is a boon. One who can read and understand maps, remember directions will be of a lot of help.

  • Share similar preferences and love for travel

If the person you are taking along with has a similar passion to you, then it is truly bliss. When it comes to travelling, people have different notions, preferences and likes. If the passion carried for travelling, the preferences, the likes & dislikes match somewhat, then nothing like it. 

You would have no issues or challenges in planning and executing your trip with that person and cherishing it to the fullest. 

  • Good Sense of Humor

While this is not a pre-requisite or a must to have the trait, but if the partner has even some hold on humour, then nothing like it. Remember, you would be spending a lot of time with that person, influencing your mood. 

A person with some humour will always keep you smiling and even face challenges with light-hearted banter.  


Travelling is a wonderful experience that you look for. People have different preferences and likes. Hence having a companion is important to be given heed. 

Taking a companion with the right mindset and attitude can make your trip remember able and blissful. Or else it might ruin your entire trip.

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