Shipping From Dubai To Spain

Shipping From Dubai To Spain

Shipping From Dubai To Spain situated right in the centre of Spain. There are 3.3 million people The city is home of beautiful streets, vast plazas and some of the finest art galleries around the world. Madrilenos also have access to the Retiro the elegant green park that is located in the middle of Madrid. Expats are in love with the Madrid life style, and we can see why. Here’s what you need to be aware of when shipping your belongings to Madrid.

Different shipping options

It’s easy to move your possessions from Madrid. Once you’ve determined what you’re bringing, you need to select between two options: air freight or sea freight.

For people moving in a hurry, air freight is best. The majority of cargo aircrafts can fly to Madrid from any part of the world in about two to three days. However, air freight is also extremely expensive which is why it’s best avoided if you’re within a tight budget.

However, sea freight is considerably cheaper usually costing about half the amountthan shipping via air. While the service is much slower, it is also considerably more affordable, therefore it is essential to plan your move well prior to the time of your move.

If you decide to go with sea freight, one of our suppliers will ship your belongings in either the size of a 20ftor one 40 feet container. For smaller quantities of cargo it is possible to use a method known as Less Than Container Load (LCL) that is in which several people make use of a container. Most of our suppliers offer an open-door option, meaning they’ll handle every step of the process from your old house all the way to your new residence.

For more details on the cost of shipping containers to international destinations Check out our thorough guide here.

Major shipping routes

There are three main ships’ ports within Spain: Barcelona (in the northeast), Valencia(on the east coast) and Algeciras (on the south coast). You may not have heard about it however Algeciras is actually Spain’s busiest and most important port. It acts as a corridor that connects Europe, Africa and America, so it’s very special.Shipping From Dubai To Spain

Because Madrid is situated in the middle of the country, there’s also some transportation by land required. Once your shipment is cleared through customs, it will travel by train and/or truck into your newly Spanish location.

Shipping From Dubai To Spain

The customs process can sound complicated but it’s really simple and your shipping service will assist you in the process. You’re required to make a clear and specific listing(i.e. the list) of all items you’re taking into Spain and stating the worth of each item. If the Spanish customs officials are not satisfied with your inventory, they will visually inspectyour container and charge extra charges for the procedure.Shipping From Dubai To Spain

The people who are inside the EU do not have to pay tax or duty on their household goods However, the rules are different for non-EU arrivals. If you’re from outside of the EU is eligible for a free shipment of household items, but you must fulfill certain requirements. The item must be) used, and b) at minimum six months old, at least six months old,) designed for at minimum the duration of one calendar yearof the use of Spain, and d) the goods must be imported not over three months after the date of your arrival.Shipping From Dubai To Spain

Check out the following list for an overview of the things that are prohibited or restricted by Spanish customs. You can also check out their official website for more details.

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