Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

Next Movers and Packer in Dubai We guarantee an all-inclusive flat-rate price that is set prior to the day of your move. That means the duration of your move won’t influence the cost of your move. We offer the following services with no extra charge to our customers.

No hidden fees, our travel and labor expenses are included in your fixed rate price

With Fine Storage & Movers, all travel costs incurred during your move such as road tolls are included in your price, meaning no hidden extras on the day of your move.

All travel-related expenses such as tolls and gasoline are included in the cost in addition to the cost for moving labor for your booking.Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

We are a specialist with local home Dubai and Sharjah moving. We can move you across all of the Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah locations.

Office and Commercial Moves

We can shift your office overnight at weekends, during the week and during holidays , to limit your time off. With the complete packing of your office and unpacking your office, your staff will be ready to go the next day.

mall moves

Do you need to move smaller items or get out of a room with no furniture? Do not lift a finger with our small moving service.Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

Last Minute Moves

Need to move urgently, our last minute moving service can save the day. We’ll get you to your new address asap! We also provide urgent packing or storage service.

Protection and wrapping your furniture

Mattresses – Wrapped in plastic wrap protection

Couches and Chairs – Wrapped in moving blankets, and then tapped to protect

Tables – Removed and wrapped in blankets and stuffed with crating made of cardboard for glass

Armoires – disassembled and double wrapped in blankets

Take extra care of your floors, walls and doors

Floors – On your moving day, we ensure that we take care when we walk on and carry the items you have to protect your floors. Masonite is available at an additional cost

Corners – Protection on the corners of walls to stop scuffs from happening in your home prior to and upon arriving at your new residence.

Hallways – Before we begin moving objects, we install barriers to hallway passageways where appropriate, to protect against damage

Doorways – We meticulously maneuver items to protect frames from scratches

Easy Documentation

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are confused by the process and the need for documentation. We have designed an efficient, yet simple procedure that begins with the moment you submit your application until the collection of your possessions.

We have professionals that can assist you in understanding how to read and understand the contract in a very easy way, and will assist you with filling the contract. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about confusion or misleading as far as your application is in the matter.Next Movers and Packer in Dubai

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