Manav Singh

He was Manav Singh, my sibling, a 17-year-old high school student from Gurugram. Two days earlier, a young woman published a story about an event that happened two years earlier when Manav was only 14-15 years old. In this story, he accused him of assaulting and assaulting, claiming he had no confirmation of it.

When her story spread to the virus, Manav received emergency calls and messages, and the young woman and her friends interrupted her, but then she tried to protect herself and told her friends she was still honest, but she could not handle the constant dangers and agreed on her side the story was not heard. he was under a lot of stress and got a panic attack and inadvertently decided to stop all this.

After hearing what Manav did, this young woman sent another story saying that if she is unable to cope with this tension, Manav Singh is not her fault. I cannot accept how this young woman can be so unfortunate. Moreover, he did not briefly reconcile his writings, which caused the little children to fall and disrupt his daily life.

Nobody allows anyone to be stigmatized. He should have gone to an expert to object if he felt he was right, but no law allows him to be a judge, jury, and murderer. no law allows him to corrupt an honest person. online media made my siblings a short-lived attacker when this young woman wrote that she had accomplished something she had not done. he was not found guilty and he was not an attacker, and I urge everyone to stop thinking. Defamation through online media can harm the mental well-being of individuals, and we as a family are evidence of how degrading a simple story can be on Instagram.

The individual must understand the consequences of his actions. Manav Singh is said very much that with incredible power comes incredible duty and people should understand this through online media. these young women took the life of my siblings. he or no one can bring him back at this point. we lost the youngest person in our family we can’t really trust. Manav is no longer with us. he had no right to kick the bucket and we ask for his money and we ask everyone to help and share this message as much as can be expected.

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