how to make brown color

How To Make Brown Color

How to make brown? – A guide for kids!

Brown is one of the colors that we often see around us. It is a symbol of beauty and warmth. It is often associated with the colors of fall and winter. We see it everywhere from trees, ground, and landscape to human hair and eye color. some foods also come in brown. Many see it as a color for style, consistency, reliability, protection, and healing. There are many shades of brown such as light brown or dark brown that can be obtained by mixing different colors. Let’s learn how to make brown!

What colors make brown?

Three colors that can be brown:

First color.
Secondary color.
More colors.
It is possible to obtain a brown color by mixing various shades of colors such as red to yellow. One of the easiest ways to make brown is to add two primary colors, for example red and green or two main colors, say blue with the second orange turning brown. However, it is also possible to determine the use of pigments because some pigments eliminate individual effects and increase or decrease the brightness and intensity of each. Also, getting a brown color is very easy by mixing a lot of different colors, but getting a real shade takes some effort and finishing.

Let’s Make brown

It is easy and simple to make brown by mixing just two colors. But for this, it is necessary to understand the details of the color scheme to get the desired color palette. Below is a list of the two colors that cause brown:

When we mix red and blue they turn purple
A mixture of blue and yellow will turn green.
A mixture of yellow and red will turn orange.
Therefore, purple, green, and orange become the second color.
Now become brown for two colors, mixing a second color with its complementary primary color. It means that mixing blood and yellow, green and red, orange and blue will produce brown:

Blood + Yellow = Brown
Green + Red = Brown
Orange + Blue = Brown
To create a shade of brown, use opaque white to make any necessary changes.

Let’s make dark brown

You can create darkness by adding black or purple. It will produce a chocolate brown color. if one uses red, yellow and blue then they can add more red and blue than yellow. For a darker shade, red with ultramarine blue or black would be good.

Many experts agree that if a person adds black or purple to obtain a dark brown color, he must understand the difference in the results by adding two colors. For example, adding black will create a sleek and elegant look. It will make a better blend compared to adding red blood cells.


If you want to paint wood, brick or tree in the sun or paint over old wood, these essential colors can be used to get a reddish-black-brown color with more or less free use again.

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