Hajj & Umrah – The Journey Like No Other

Hajj and Umrah is the journey that is swished by many but it is only possible for few. If you’re the blessed one and have a desire of standing on plains of Arafah to cry your heart out, take full advantage of it. Life doesn’t come with a valid expiry date and we often forget that the time is always near. Sins are a definite thing a man can do in life but repentance is the door that keeps you in contact with your Lord. The time is fleeting, it might feel slow but you have to take a stand and compose yourself for the journey of love. It is one of the tours that demands more hardship not just physically but spiritually too. Keep your spirits high and book your Hajj and Umrah Packages now.

Make your voyage of Hajj & Umrah more spiritual

The journey of Hajj and Umrah is solely spiritual. It has a set of rituals to follow and they are the blessings of Allah (SWT) for his servants. Just be focused on playing the role of an obedient servant and complete these rituals.

Spend most of the time in remembrance of Allah

Ironically, nowadays people spend time photographing the place. Yes, we know it is beautiful in its own glory but you’re here for a spiritual purpose. It’s the process of cleansing to your soul. Don’t waste time on useless activities rather make this time more spiritual, memorable and precious. Memories are not only captured by the camera but they remain longer if they enter your soul.

Visit the must-see places of Ziyarat

Before going on a Hajj or Umrah, make a list of the places that are necessary to visit. Your agent will definitely inform you and they will also provide a guide. But it’s better to be updated then to rely on someone else. It’s your journey take your responsibility and make it the best on your own.

Pack your patience, humbleness and gratitude along

It’s easy to blow your mind rather than staying calm and composed even in a panic situation. Well, the time you lose your patience on a petty issue, it brings no good to your personality.

Read and get more knowledge about the journey

Keep a Hajj & Umrah guide Along, well many travel agents in the UK are already providing it in a package but in case, there is not then, feel free to ask your agent for this favour.

Only Pack essentials

Don’t pack too much, your journey is quite essential and you need to keep it low key. Pack the stuff that is essential only.

At last but not the least, you need a trustworthy travel company. It is important to shortlist some top of the travel agents and then contact them. Muslims Holy Travel is also one of the companies loved by their customers. Do check their website for some amazing Hajj and Umrah Packages 2021.

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