Greasy hair: best tips in 2021

The flow of sebum shines and shines the Greasy hair, but it is harmful when run on overdrive. Stifled by excess seborrheic, the hair can no longer absorb the secretions. Overwhelmed by this asphyxiating flow, they become fat, sad and ineffable.

  • Shine of course, but what shine!

Oily hair is the result of a disruption of the sebaceous glands. By secreting sebum abnormally (seborrhea), the sebaceous glands clog the pilosebaceous follicles located in the scalp and suffocate the roots of the hair.
If the flow of sebum is essential for the beauty of the hair, which it shines and makes shine, it is harmful when it works in over-regime. Suffocated by the seborrheic excess, the hair can no longer absorb the secretions. Overwhelmed by this suffocating flow, they become fat, sad, and ineffable.

  • Whose fault is it ? Take stock …

° Heredity: your parents, or one of them, have oily hair.
° An endocrine problem: an excess of male hormone secretions.
° Food: the abuse of fats and sugars.
° Certain ailments: constipation, obesity, clogging of the liver.
° Stress: an emotional shock accelerates seborrheic hypersecretion.
° Unsuitable shampoos: of poor quality or badly used.

  • To put an end to oily hair

° Improve your general health
+ eat a balanced diet (avoid animal fats).
+ take food supplements for the hair.

° Oxygenate your scalp
Regularly massage your scalp to loosen dandruff that prevents it from breathing.
+ Rub the scalp with lotions for oily hair to stimulate the capillaries and release the sebum.

° Purify your hair
+ Regularly apply an absorbent anti-seborrheic mask to the entire surface of the scalp.
+ Use anti-itch hair oils.
+ Wash your hair tonically with “nonionic surfactants” as often as needed (twice a week or more).

  • your hair is greasy

When the hair is oily, we have the reflex to wash it often. Yet it should not be. Indeed, multiplying the washes accentuates the greasy effect.

It is necessary to adopt a specific gesture when shampooing. The ideal on oily hair is to apply shampoo to dry hair at the roots and massage for 2 to 3 minutes ”. Then leave on for 5 minutes before going to the “real” shampoo in the shower.

Finally, it is necessary to proceed to the rinsing with lukewarm water in several stages: we start with an emulsion on the top of the head, then the lengths and ends before rinsing the whole with plenty of water, without rubbing (Hair pitch in Hyderabad). sebaceous glands which generate sebum and give that oily appearance).
If the roots are oily and the ends dry, the pro suggests applying a nourishing serum to damp hair at the ends, then before styling. If the ends are really sensitized, we can also apply a mask for damaged hair, about once a week only on the lengths

The good idea of ​​the pro:  suggesting that we put a few drops of essential oils of lavender or orange in its hazelnut shampoo because they contain astringent properties that help the hair to regulate sebum.

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