Dubai Travel Guide – The City of Gold

Wherever you go, you can count on sunlight and warm weather. But Dubai is almost above the sun all year round. It is a type of area where the best restaurants appear to be repeated weekly. From the sushi at Blue Jade to the beautiful Indian dishes in Amal, all the food seems representative.

If you want to experience the desert ride, you can rent 4×4 cars. If you want to play golf every day in challenging lessons, you can. If you just want to buy luxury Exotic Interiors goods, there is no better place than Dubai Mall. You can even spend a day in snowboarding if that’s what you wish for.

Dubai caters for everyone – shopping, sports, and cultural venues that place it at the top of the global tourism league. Don’t miss out.

Dubai Travel Guide

  1. Continue a Shopping Mall at Dubai Mall
    Shopping is one of the attractions in Dubai, and many supermarkets are attracting visitors from all over the world to buy free clothing, perfumes, and jewelry. The best place to look for bargains is Dubai Mall, below the Burj Khalifa tower, which is packed with large international brands.
  2. Watch the Camel Race
    Sometimes it is easy to forget that Dubai is a desert city until, that is, you come from a camel race. During the winter months, head to the Camel Race Track on Thursdays and Fridays for a truly unique afternoon of the race.
  3. Book Dune Safari
    The desert is not far from the center of Dubai, and offers excellent entertainment opportunities. The most exciting of all is the dune bath, which includes driving 4x4s, dune carts and quad bikes over the dunes and combining action and night cooking with home music. Check out the tour provided by the professional directors at Desert Safari Dubai.
  4. Play Golf in the Desert
    Dubai has become the capital of Asian golf, hosting the annual Dubai Desert Classic at the Emirates Golf Club. The city is full of excellent courses like Montgomerie Dubai, Els Club and Arabian Ranches and the green costs make sense for almost all of them.
  5. Go to Souk to get Bargain
    Dubai’s history has its own attractions, and the most interesting of all the bustling souks (markets) in Deira. Go to Spice Souk to smell and see the colors of famous regional spices, see glittering jewelry in Gold Souk, or speak perfumes at Perfume Souk. There is no other strange and magical way to shop.

When to Visit Dubai

Many tourists prefer Dubai during its shoulder season between November and March, not the peak summer between July and September. At the height of summer, conditions can be depressing, but after November the weather cools, and the weather is ideal for swimming, sunburn and shopping.

How to get to Dubai

The plane
Dubai International Airport is about 3 miles east of the city itself, so it is close to many hotels. After touching the ground, the fastest way to get to the city center is to take the Dubai Metro, which stands at Terminals 1 and 3. To use Metro, you will need to purchase a Nol card. Get a red card option, called AED 2, that will give you 10 trips in 24 hours and can be completed at city sales machines. Alternatively, you can take taxis from the airport, which should cost about AED 25.


Some tourists visiting Dubai come from the neighboring Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Sharjah. If so, you can easily get to Dubai by car rental. If you are sports car lover then you have an option to rent ferrari Dubai at any time of your journey.


Dubai is connected to all major cities in the United Arab Emirates through the Emirates Express bus system. Buses from Abu Dhabi cost AED 25, and fares from Sharjah are about AED 7. Buses arrive every hour during the day from both cities.

Accommodation in Dubai

Dubai has a huge selection of hotels, with different price levels to suit almost any budget. If you are looking for a cheaper option for the space community, the Al Uruba Hotel in Deira is a good choice. The Al Nahda Rd Youth Hostel is another great budget option popular with students and packers. To find additional accommodation on the market, check out the cafés at Clover Creek Hotel Apartments or Crowne Plaza, which has a shopping mall directly connected to its reception area.

Famous Dubai Attractions

Deira – Dubai’s old center, Deira was once a thriving financial center. These days, offices are available for long walks in Downtown Dubai, but souks (markets) still exist and are a great place to chase a holiday souvenir or two. With good restaurants like Karachi Darbar and Ashiana in the area, it is also a great restaurant.

Jumeirah – A densely populated part of the city, Jumeirah is a fascinating region overlooking the coast, making it famous for tourists from all over the world. Family attractions along the beach include the Wild Wadi Water Park, while the highlights of the buildings include the canvas design of the Burj Al Arab hotel.

Dubai Marina – Another region near the Persian Gulf coast, Dubai Marina is a place you can see. Packed with luxurious flats and yachts, the Marina is also a high point of view, especially at the waterfront restaurants near Beach Walk. It is also a great place for historical fans, with the opportunity to take a boat trip on the restored Arab ships (cargo ships).

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