Dell Ac Adapter 240w

Dell Ac Adapter 240w

Dell AC Adapter 240-Watt and 6feet Cord for Power Cord

Dell Ac Adapter 240w-Stop carrying your AC adapter to and from home and office. Keep one AC adapter inside your notebook. Keep another to take on trips or when you are at home.

The Dell Ac Adapter 240w is specially designed to fulfill the power requirements of your Dell(tm) laptop. This adapter, that comes with a power rating of 240 watts, allows users to simultaneously charge their battery and power your system by plugging it into an electrical outlet. It is supplied with a 6ft power cord.

It is equipped with 240-Watt power to charge and power your laptop. It includes a 6-foot power cord
It also comes with a rubber strap to help manage cables , as well as an LED light ring that fits the DC connector. Dell Ac Adapter 240w

Dell Ac Adapter 240w
Dell Ac Adapter 240w


Qualified engineers test genuine Dell parts to confirm that they are compatible and reliable with your Dell system.
Our sustaining qualification process allows for testing and certification of the most modern technology on your Dell system.


The DDell Ac Adapter The 240w model only has OEM components.


Our Limited One Year Warranty guarantees that if our Dell Genuine parts should fail the parts fail, we will replace them.
Genuine Dell-branded products mean you won’t need to worry about invalidating the warranty on the hardware of your system.
The non-Dell components are not covered, and could void your warranty for your system.
Click here to find out more regarding warranties.

Technical Support Dell Ac Adapter 240w

Any queries you might have concerning genuine Dell parts can be addressed by our technical support staff.
Parts bought from other suppliers will not be provided by Dell.

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