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Conveyancing can cost a lot of money and costs vary widely between solicitors. However, we want to make this process as affordable, simple and easy as we can by promptly providing you with most competitive price we can straight away. If you’re planning to purchase, sell or refinance your mortgage on a property in Cardiff We offer you the No Move No Fee guarantee.

Cardiff Conveyancing Quotes – No Move No Fee Policy

It’s possible that you only buy a house every once in your lifetime, but at My Conveyancing Cardiff we have years of expertise. Get an instant online conveyancing quote right from an UK certified conveyancer or solicitor in or near Cardiff Conveyancing Cardiff . Simply type in a few specifics about the property you are moving and our team will guide you through the process by making it quick, easy and easy to comprehend.

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What is Conveyancing

In case you’re wondering this is perfectly normal because it’s such a complex procedure. Conveyancing refers to the formal transfer of land from one owner to another. It involves a conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancers, acting for the buyer who ensure that their client receives the titles to the house and the land it sits on. Conveyancing provides the process of obtaining legal and administrative approvals for ensuring that a house purchase is legally valid.

1. Initial Agreement

The first step is to find a solicitor/conveyancer and instruct them to carry out the process of transferring ownership of the property from seller to buyer.

Following this, the chosen conveyancer will then draw up a draft contract that includes the price agreed upon, along with the transaction details. The Estate Agent or Seller will organize this Energy Performance certificate.

The Seller must then fill out forms such as the “Property Information” and “Fittings and Contents” forms and forward them to solicitor of the buyer along with the contract.

The solicitor for the Seller’s side now has to draft and mail the contract to the solicitor representing the Buyer including the details of the title to the property and any important documents that are included within the contract. The Buyer’s solicitor may now request information about the documents.

An application in the name of Mortgage Company will be needed If the Buyer decides to take out a Mortgage which needs to be written before he can proceed to exchange contracts. The Buyer has to have their approved financing in place prior to the exchange.

If the buyer acquires home, he has to get an evaluation of it prior to exchanging contracts. This usually is done by the Mortgage Company.

The solicitor for the Buyer will perform the proper Searches (Local and Water Searches …). These depend on the type of property they purchased, its current state and its current condition.

If there’s more than one deal (what’s called”a “chain of transactions”), the same process is carried out for every one of them. Contracts are not exchanged until all parties have set up their finances and everyone else in the chain is ready to exchange.

2. Exchange of Contracts

When the above steps have been completed and the parties associated with the transaction or chain of transactions has set a date of completion The solicitors will then exchange contracts.

The buyer must pay a deposit (usually 10 percent of the value). If the Buyer is also selling his own property, the cash deposit from the sale is normally used in the purchase.

Within 2 to 4 weeks after the exchange of contracts in accordance with the parties and their solicitors is the Completion Date. It has to be a workday and, as a minimum it is the day on which the two parts of the contract move.

The solicitors of the Buyer will draft the transfer of the property, in the interval between the exchange process as well as the completion of the contracts. This Transfer must be approved by the solicitors for the Seller and agreed to by both parties.

If the Buyer is seeking the mortgage, their solicitor will submit a report of the title of the home to Mortgage Company in line with the specific directions provided by them. They then apply to the Mortgage Advance, normally received within a day of completion.

The Buyer’s solicitor will make the last search of the land Registry and Charges checks and collect the funds needed from the Buyer to make the final searches.

3. Completion

The solicitors of the Buyer’s solicitors transfer the balance of the purchase amount via Telegraphic Transfer to the Seller’s solicitors. The parties need to wait for the money to be accepted by the solicitor’s banks if there is the possibility of a chain of transactions.

Once the Seller’s solicitor has received the purchase amount, he will release the key held by an estate representative.

The solicitors of the Seller’s solicitors will deliver that transfer notice to the solicitors of the buyer as well as these to the Buyer along with any other documents related to the property.

The Seller’s solicitors will redeem any mortgage/s it has to the Seller.

The solicitors for the Buyer’s lawyer will submit the stamp duty and Land Transaction Returns for the property to Inland Revenue.

The Buyer’s solicitors will be issued the official certificate by the Inland Revenue and register the title of the buyer at the Land Registry.

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