Advocate Means

1. A person (as a lawyer) who represents and fights to support the cause of someone else, especially in court.

2: A person or group of people who is able to defend or support the cause or proposes a consumer advocate

Advocates are professionals in the legal field. The Advocate, The Advocates, or Advocate may also be used to refer to:

Advocacy is the act of any group or individual who is designed to influence decisions in both economic and political social institutions.

Advocacy is the process of influencing publications and activities to influence legislation, public policy, and budgets with the help of facts and relationships between them, the media, and messaging to educate government officials as well as the general public.

Advocacy could refer to any of the activities that an organization or individual is involved in, including media campaigns in public speaking, asking for commissions and publishing research. Lobbying (often by lobby groups) is a kind of advocacy that involves a direct request is made to legislators regarding a particular subject or a particular piece legislation.

Advocates are professional in the area of law. Different legal systems across the world use the term with somewhat differing meanings. The general equivalent in many English law-based jurisdictions is the barrister or solicitor. However, in Scottish, Manx Law (the law of the Isle of Man)

Advocacy can be described as an action undertaken by an individual or a group that seeks to influence the decisions of economic, political and social institutions.

Advocacy includes activities and publications to influence legislation, public policy, and budgets using data as well as their relationships with the media, as well as messages to inform government officials and the general public.

The term “advocacy” can mean a wide range of actions that an individual or organization engages in, such as media campaigns and public speaking, as well as commissioning research and publishing.

Lobbying (often by lobbyists) is a form advocacy in which a direct appeal is made to legislators in relation to an issue that is specific or a item of legislation.

Definition of Advocate

1. one who defends or supports a cause or suggestion as an advocate for liberal arts education.

2. One who supports or promotes the interest of a cause or group

an advocate for consumers

an advocate for women’s health

He has been paying attention to the homeschooling community by visiting with advocates for the cause and praising their causes.

Elizabeth Drew

3: one who defends for the causes of another

specifically: one who represents an individual’s case before an judicial or tribunal

Definition of Advocate

The act of arguing or defending for (a cause or policy, for example. ) (also known as pledging for

They argued for a return to traditional methods of teaching.

a group that promotes vegetarianism

intransitive verb

As an advocate, you must act as the advocate for something or someone else

… an ancestry of promoting equal rights and equality of everyone …

— Fred Kuhr

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