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AddSpy Parental Control App: Do you know? How hard is it to keep track of your child’s Android phone? We know you intend, have to see what your kids do online. First of all, you should have an Android parental control app to keep track of your kid’s phone and give you peace of mind. Today’s youth are courageous and want to go to every corner of cyberspace. Kids are crazy about phones and like to do a lot of activities. As a result, children have become insecure about their safety and have experienced emotional, physical, and psychological distress.

Thus, parents have to live with excessive screen time of children on mobile devices and engage in a plethora of inappropriate activities. That’s why Android parental controls are useful and you can use them to protect your kids online. Before we discuss parental controls for Android for parents, you need to know the main reasons for monitoring your child’s phone. Let us discuss why parents need to monitor children’s phones.

Some Reasons That Enforce Parents To Use The Android Parental Control App

Here’s another reason for parents to think about setting up parental controls on their phones. AddSpy Parental control app for your Android phone allows you to deal with the following activities inappropriate for teens.

Teens Blind Dating With The Strangers

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Young teens are desperate for the trust of their peers and want someone special in their lives in their early teens. Frustration among teenagers has increased, and today they prefer to have blind dates with strangers, not realizing that it can be risky and turn into date rape.

About 43% of American teens have been blind at least once or twice in their lives. According to a site known for dating tips, 4 out of 10 teens believe in blind dating.

That’s why parents suspect excessive courage of teenagers. Juveniles can get caught between chasers and sexual predators. Using smartphones, the Internet, and dating apps is a real challenge for parents today. That’s why Android parental control solutions provide their services to protect your teen.

Teens Chat With Online Predators

Social media platforms, messaging apps, and chat rooms have forced teens to interact with family, friends, and strangers instead of strangers in real life. Social messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and others allow predators to communicate with teens. A new study of nearly 4,000 children found that 43 percent of 8-13-year-olds talk on social media and gaming platforms with people they’ve never met in real life.

Text messaging, chat, media sharing, voice, and video calls allow teens to communicate with stalkers, cyberbullying, sex offenders, and more. Instant messaging apps are free and insidious tools for teens to chat with strangers, and during some chats, they share privacy.

Teens Got Bullied Online

Most teens are victims of cyberbullying, with name calls and rumors being one of the root causes of cyberbullying. More than 59% of teens are victims of cyberbullying, such as yelling, false rumors, nudity, physical threats, and soliciting personal information. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, teens in the United States have experienced six types of cyberbullying and abusive behavior by online strangers.

Name calls and stigmatization of criminals are the most dangerous forms of cyberbullying, and parents have no option but to set up parental control apps on Android phones to secure young teens online.

Addiction To Messaging Apps And Browsing Activity

Modern people are extra able to be controlled with social media, instant messaging applications, and browsing unsuitable websites in their phone browsers. As a result, teens interact with strangers and online predators and are more likely to be victims, sexually assault and browse adult sites. 32% of teens and 62% of boys watch online porn and use mobile phones as X-rated devices.

In addition, 76% of teens spend their time on social media. Teens use 71% of Facebook, 52% of Instagram, 43% of Snapchat, and others. Today, the attention of teenagers is diverted from the use of mobile communication and the internet. Parents can monitor teens’ cell phone and internet activity using parental controls on Android digital devices.

Drug Abuse And Partying

The rise and rise of drug abuse have gone beyond the school gates. Parents don’t know their kids are using drugs if they haven’t seen it with their own eyes. Young teens become addicted to peer abusers and drugs and begin drinking alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco. 34% of high school students admit to consuming alcohol. 15% of teens use marijuana and also use electronic cigarettes.

Parents need to know the hidden secrets of their kids and the hidden location where they use drugs. You may need to use parental control software on your mobile phone to find out about your child’s drug addiction.

Social Media Dangerous Challenges

Challenging social media challenges have penetrated the younger generation, and today young teenagers love to take part in dangerous challenges.

  1. The challenge of burns and scars
  2. The blue whale challenge
  3. Ice Bucket Challenge
  4. Momo challenge
  5. The challenge came

Parents can follow teen activities on social media. See what media they’re sharing with friends and the public. The parental control software can do the work for parents and keep them informed of what teens are doing on the social media platforms installed on their mobile phones.

What Is AddSpy Android Parental Control App?

This is an application known as AddSpy Android Parental Control. It works on rooted and unrooted cell phones and tablets. This allows you to keep track of mobile phone activities from call logs to browsing activities and communication applications to the GPS location of the target device. It’s easy to install and remove once you’ve installed it on your child’s phone.

Top-Rated Features Of Parental Control App

Here are features that allow parents to monitor and track Android phones and work as the best parental control solutions on Android phones and tablets.

  • Screen recording
  • Screenshots
  • Keystroke logging
  • Text messaging spy
  • GPS location tracking
  • A social media messenger spy
  • Record a call
  • Internet history
  • Keep track of a stolen phone

These are Android monitoring solutions that allow you to set up parental controls on your child’s phone. You can use it on children’s phones and continue to analyze their activities. You can take immediate action against strangers, social media obsession, web browsing, adult content, and more.

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